Kibale Forest National Park

Where to stay in Kibale Forest National Park

While on safari in Kibale National Park, you can spend a night at the following safari lodges;

Primate Lodge (Luxury)

This is situated near Kanyanchu visitor center for Kibale National Park. It is located inside the park and features the best place for primate walks.

Ndali Lodge (Up market)

This is a five hours’ drive from Kampala and after 300 kilometers to Fort Portal, the guests follow other 11 kilometers towards Kibale National Park. You turn to your right at Kisisi and drive for 12 kilometers to the junction with Ndali Lodge sign post to the left.

Kyaninga Lodge (Luxury)

This Lodge is situated in the backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains on the rim of Lake Kyaninga which is one of the spectacular Craters Lakes in the area.

Crater Safari Lodge (Luxury)

This is situated at the boundary of Kibale National Park where chimpanzee adventures are carried out. It lies on the rim of Nyinabulitwa Crater Lake providing spectacular scenic views to tourists.

Papaya Lake Lodge (Luxury)

This lodge is situated about 350 kilometers from the city center on the boundary of Kibale National Park in the Ndali Kasenda Crater Field. It lies within a 20 extinct volcanic crater fields which offer range of Lakes with rare shapes, colors and size. The lodge also allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the Rwenzori Mountains of Moon.

Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse (Mid range)

For visitors looking for the best mid range lodges to stay in Kibale National Park, Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse should be your choice. It lies along the Kamwenge road, 23 kilometers from Fort Portal town in stunning Isunga tea plantation on high elevation offering spectacular views of the Kibale jungle.

Chimps Nest (Mid range)

This is situated at the boundary of the park and offers stunning views of the forest and the Rwenzori Mountains.

Kibale Forest Camp (Mid range)

This features about 10 safari tents and lies within the stunning forest and mainly ideal for the budget travelers.

There are other places for you to stay while in Fort Portal and they include the Mountains of the Moon Hotel (Mid range), Rwenzori View Guesthouse (Budget) and Nyinabulitwa Country Resort and Safari Camp (Budget).

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